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Social Program

Nov. 25, 2009, 1:30 pm - 8:00 pm, Sun Moon Lake, Nantou

Tour – Sun Moon Lake

Sun Moon Lake, situated in Nantou County’s Yuchih Township, in the center of Taiwan, and is the island’s largest lake. It is a beautiful alpine lake, divided by the tiny Lalu Island; the eastern part of the lake is round like the sun and the western side is shaped like a crescent moon, hence the name “Sun Moon Lake”. Its crystalline, emerald green waters reflect the hills and mountains which rise on all sides. Natural beauty is enhanced by numerous cultural and historical sites. Wellknown both at home and abroad, the Sun Moon Lake Scenic Area has exceptional potential for further growth and recognition as a prime tourism destination. When you visit Sun Moon Lake, we provide 1.5hr travel arrangement by boat. You will have an irresistible impulse to reach the center of the lake, and to come close to the natural beauty of the lakes and mountains.

Banquet – The Lalu

The Lalu is located on Sun Moon Lake’s Lalu Peninsula. In the past, the building served as Chiang Kai Shek’s travel accommodation. The Lalu’s architectural design centres on the themes of utmost simplification of Zen style and is constructed with four major building materials of wood, stone, glass and iron. Its unique “Ongoing Style” of architecture has impressed the public and already becomes a model imitated by restaurants, hotels and various personal and business establishments.

Classical Chinese Music

The Zheng, commonly known as Guzheng, is a plucked string instrument that is part of the zither family. It is one of the most ancient Chinese musi-cal instruments according to the documents written in the Qin dynasty (before 206 BC). Zheng is the forerunner of Japanese koto, Korean kay-agum, Mongolian yatag, and Vietnamese dantranh.

Puppet Show

Taiwanese glove puppetry is a drama that is deeply embedded in Taiwanese folk society. In a different era, it served as the Taiwanese people’s best outlet for recreation and relaxation. Today, though no longer Taiwan’s most important drama activity, glove puppetry continues to adjust to changing trends to offer a glamorous and appealing drama.